Welcome to Relaxed Body Solutions!

We offer easy relaxed solutions towards health and well-being.   If you make health easy, you make it doable.   We offer great body hydration, blood-nutritional discovery appointments, and services including Foot Detox, Reflexology, and Blood-Type testing.

*VitalizerPlus water vortex machines can be ordered and directly shipped to you at no charge, within the continental U.S.   Call at 520-250-9388.

Note the VitalizerPlus tab above for great scientific information!  The VitalizerPlus vortex machine offers super support for the body’s hydration and well-being.


*Bio-Nutritional Discovery appointments (Live Blood Analysis) are still available bi-monthly in Tucson, Arizona at a convenient location.   Through appointment only.  Please call 520-250-9388.

Analysis cost: $40


 For all other Relaxed Body Solutions Services, please select a service tab above.  These services are geared to allow relaxation as you experience your own path to greater personal health.  Services for Reflexology and Foot Detox are primarily served out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 By appointment only.  Call 520-250-9388 or 505-884-3101

Disclaimer:  We make no claims to cure or prevent any illness or disease.  We recommend consulting with your doctor when concerned about health related issues.  Relaxed Body Solutions or any of its affiliations do not diagnose, treat, cure or have intent to cure any physiological, emotional, neurological, or spiritual conditions.